SOCA AWARDS: 2013 Nominees Release

The Management of SAO Soca Awards Ltd. is pleased to announce the Nominees for the 11th Annual International Soca Award ceremony and the launching of its new look

iSA 11 is set for Tuesday 6th August 2013 at Spice Basket, Beaulieu, St. George, Grenada W.I iSA 11 is being promoted around the world as the Premiere Event of the Soca Music Industry.

This year iSA 11 will be featuring thirty-four (34) categories highlighting some of the Caribbean greats, with 5 new categories: 
1 Caribbean International Artiste of the Year
2 Young Soca Star of the Year 
3. Japan - Soca Song & Video of the Year 
4 Calypsonian of the Year 
5 Caribbean Dance/Pop/Rap/R&B Song of the Year

Among the nominees are Grammy award winners Rihanna and Wyclef Jean, American Music Award winner Nicki Minaj, Billboard Latin Music Award winner Pitbull and International Soca Awards nominated Def Jam recording artist Trinidad James.

The future of Soca is in good hands with the youths of the next generation as shown in iSA’s nominated artists, Aaron Duncan, Hypa Kidz, Rhea Date, Young Devyn and Jeromy Rodriguez.

As you read this release, Soca Music is breaking ground in Japan the world’s 10th largest population, with over 127 million people. 

Topping the iSA 11, listed of nominees with nine (9) nominations are Trinidad and Tobago 2013 Power & Groovy Soca Monarch, Machel Montano. Barbados, Wuk Up King, Lil Rick, the Viking of Soca, Bunji Garlin, Miss Bacchanal, Destra Garcia and Rikki ‘The Jai Master’ Jai, all got four (4) nominations.

Fans around the world can Vote for their favorite nominees of each category, which begins on Friday17th May and ends on Friday. 2ndAugust, 2013. 

For further details log on to the official website for the iSA 11.

You are invited to please contact the SAO Soca Awards Ltd. office or utilize any of the contacts below should you have any queries or require further information.

PR: Campaign Carnival Street Promotion 1-818-403-0849.
Publicist: Campaign Carnival Street Promotion:

Below is the list of categories & nominees for iSA 11!

1. Caribbean International Artiste of the Year

Rihanna - Diamonds (Barbados).
Trinidad James - All Gold Everything (T&T).
Wyclef Jean - Justice (Haiti).
Pitbull - Don’t Stop The Party (Cuba).
Nicki Minaj - Pound The Alarm (T&T).

2. Best DJ/Radio Host Soca Artist of the Year (DJ/Radio Host that sings)

Lil Rick - I like Muhself (Barbados). 
Shal Marshall - Wickedest Wine (T&T). 
5 Star Akil - Partier (T&T).
J Angel - Jook It (T&T).
Devon Matthews - Start It Up (T&T).

3. Best New Female Soca Artiste of the Year

Cinnamon Mash Up (St. Kitts).
Karella - Tonight (T&T).
J Angel - Jook It (T&T).
Natia Daniel - Wine it, Wuk it (St. Lucia/ UK).
Soca Princess - Fit (UK). 
Vanilla - Ah Piece A Me (Guyana).

4. Best New Male Soca Artiste of the Year

Boyzie - Born Troublesome (Grenada).
Dev - Iron Man (T&T).
Pumpa - Ride Or Die (VI).
Yannick Hooper - Undecided (Barbados).
Basil Yarde - Bounce Around ‘Do What you Feel like‘ (Barbados).
Shortpree - Spice Island Summer (Grenada).

5. Best Soca Collaboration of the Year

Kes & David Rudder - Live Yuh Life ‘Like Yuh Playing Mas’ (T&T).
Problem Child Ft. Patrice Roberts - Love Me Carniva (St. Vincent & T&T).
Lil Rick & Benja - Cyah Bother We (Barbados & T&T).
Adam O Ft. Mystro - Sweet Love (US, VI / Atlanta GA).
Boyzie ft. Luni Sparks - Born Troublesome (Grenada).
Machel Montano, Kerwin Du Bois ft. Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Possessed (T&T & Africa).

6. Best Soca Compilation Rhythm of the Year

Caveman Riddim - Studio B (Waistline Energy, Cyah Bother We, Doh Mind "My Business") Barbados.
Smoked Food Riddim - Homebase (Physco, Monster, Tun Up De Rags) Grenada. 
Spanish Fly Riddim – Fryktion (A Little Wine, Life Of The Party, Get To Know You) St. Vincent.
Soca Future Riddim - Juelio / NuGeneration Studios (To D Future, Whistle & Horn, Leh Go T&T 
Magaroze Riddim - Penn & Ace / Studio 758 (A.T.A.O Engoma, Your Body Working, 4 A Cut) St. Lucia.
Project 5 Riddim - Star Bluent & Millbeatz Ent (Feter, Life Of The Party, Wining Queen) T&T.

7. Young Soca Star of the Year

Aaron Duncan - We Representing (T&T).
Hypa Kidz - Its Carnival (Barbados).
Rhea Date - Ah Winning So (Grenada). 
Young Devyn - Carnival Time (NY).
Jeromy Rodriguez - Keshorn (T&T).

8. Soca Song Writer of the Year

Problem Child - (A Little Wine, Life Of The Party, Love Me Carnival) St. Vincent.
Faye Ann Lyons - (We Doing This Owah, De Stage Open, EFF - F) (T&T).
Kerwin Du Bois - (Possessed, Fete Of D Year, Disgustin) (T&T). 
Shurwayne Winchester - (Tonight, We Not Stopping, Tobago Love) (T&T).
Bunji Garlin - (Differentology, Journet Continues, Stages) (T&T).

9. Best Groove Soca - Female of the Year

Destra - Call My Name (T&T).
Patrice Roberts - A Little Wine (T&T).
Denise Belfon - Wining Queen (T&T).
Nadia Batson - Manager (T&T). 
Ms Desire - Ready For This (UK)
Alison Hinds - Gals Wan More Iron (Barbados)

10. Best Groove Soca - Male of the Year

Blaxx - Leh Go (T&T). 
Onyan & The Burning Flames - Kick Een She Back Doh (Antigua).
Bunji Garlin - Differentology (T&T).
Shortpree - Spice Island Summer (Grenada).
Machel Montano - The Fog (T&T).
Lil Rick - I like Muhself (Barbados).

11. International Soca DJ of the year

DJ Stephen - (LA). 
Eternal Vibes - (Miami).
DJ Spice - (NY).
D' Enforcas - (Canada). 
Dr. Jay - (Canada). 

12. Best up Tempo Soca – Female of the Year

Cinnamon Mash Up (St. Kitts).
Claudette "CP" Peters - No Tomorrow (Antigua).
Destra Garcia - Carry On (T&T).
Fya Empress - Rum Please (St. Vincent).
Alison Hinds - Soca Till We Die (Barbados).

13. Best up Tempo Soca - Male of the Year

Super Blue - Fantastic Friday (T&T).
Machel Montano - Float (T&T). 
Mikey - No Behaveya (Barbados).
Lavaman - Psycho (Grenada).
Skinny Fabulous - Monster (St. Vincent).

14. Soca Song of the Year

Lil Rick - I like Muhself (Barbados).
Bunji Garlin - Differentology (T&T).
Blaxx - Leh Go (T&T).
Super Blue - Fantastic Friday (T&T).
Patrice Roberts - A Little Wine (T&T).

15. Favorite Soca Info Website of the Year (T&T). (VI). (NY). (T&T). (UK).

16. Over All Soca Band of the Year

Machel Montano HD (T&T).
Fusion Band (St. Croix). 
Onyan & The Burning Flames (Antigua).
Small Axe Band(St. Kitts).
Roy Cape All Stars (T&T).

17. Soca Producer of the Year

De RedBoyz - (Live Yuh Life ‘Like Yuh Playing Mas’, Some body Woman, Minglin) Barbados.
Monstapiece Studios - (The Contest, No Getaway, MMMM) Barbados. 
Precision Productions - (She Ready, The FOG, Wine Back) T&T. 
Anderson Armstrong - (We Loose, No Behaveya, Go) (Barbados). 
Juelio/NuGeneration Studios - (Fantastic Friday, Leh Go, Wah Do) T&T.

18. Best Soca Music Video of the Year

Mikey - We Loose (Film: Nigel Wallace, Edited: Alicia Michelle Griffith, Assis Cam: Dominique Bonnet, Scott Tenerman Photography) Barbados. 
Fusion Band We Wan Jam (Still Standing AG Studios, Dreamcatcher Media) St. Croix. 
Ricardo Drue - Get To Know You (Dir: Kharma13, Editor: M1 Digital) Antigua. 
Machel Montano, Kerwin Du Bois ft. Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Possessed (Dir.: Cowin "Dori" Thorpe & Machel Montano, Cam: Cowin "Dori Thorpe & Gabriel "TI" Nagee, Dori Productions) T&T.
Frenchy - Bomba Soca (Video: Red Kenn Prods) Guadeloupe.

19. Best Soca Chutney Music Video of the Year

Ravi B & Karma - Prescription (Edited by: Mervyn John) T&T.
Rick Ramoutar ft. Shurwayne & Beenie Man - Bachelor Remix (Video by Dori Productions) T&T.
KI - Friends For The Night (Dir: Slagiatt) T&T. 
Rikki Jai - Ent Yuh Know (Directed: Keith Guevara, Edit: Robert Syslo, Cam: Errol Boneo /Robert Syslo / Brooklyn Bond) T&T.

20. Over All Soca Chutney Band of the Year

Dil E Nadan (T&T).
Mellobugz (T&T).
Gayatones (T&T).
Karma (T&T).
JMC 3 Veni (T&T).

21. Soca Chutney Song of the Year

Raymond Ramnarine - I Aint Marrieding No More (T&T).
Rikki Jai - Ent Yuh Know (T&T).
Prophet Benjamin - No Lokanin (T&T).
Drupatee & Machel Montano - Indian Gyal (T&T).
KI - Friends For The Night (T&T).

22. Favorite Soca Online Radio of the Year (UK). (UK). (UK). (VI). (NY).

23. Best Soca Remake Song of the Year

Gold - Exodus Ft Machel Montano, Rikki Jai, Karene Asche & Duane O'Connor (T&T).
Crossover - Fay-Ann Lyons Ft. Edwin Yearwood (T&T & Barbados).
Savage - Bunji Garlin (T&T).
I Love My Country - Aaron Duncan, Jeromy Rodriguez, Devyn Tyson, She Ann Cunningham, Pranava Maharaj & Timel Rivas fet Machel Montano (T&T).
Faluma/Makelele - Alison Hinds (Barbados).

24. Best Soca Pan Song (TNT Special) of the Year

Shock Attack - Edwin Pouchet - Composer - Alvin Daniel -Lyrics Sung by Denyse Plummer (T&T).
More Love - Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe - Composer - Leroy 'Black Stalin' Calliste - Lyrics Sung by Black Stalin (T&T).
Addicted - Ken 'Professor' Philmore & Mark Loquan Composer - Destra Garcia - Lyrics Sung by Destra Garcia (T&T).
Bounce & Drive - Composer - Lyrics Clive Telemaque - Sung by Blaxx (T&T).
Tell Dem - Brian ‘Bean’ Griffith - Composer & Lyrics Sung by Black Stalin & Steve Sealy (T&T).

25. Best Soca Radio DJ of the Year (TNT Special)

Dr. Ross - Vibe CT 105 FM 
DJ Element - Next 99.1 FM 
DJ Kaotic Int’l - Vibe CT 105 FM 
Universal Yung Gunz Sound/ KG - Wack Radio 90.1 FM
Sean Bowen - 100.1FM

26. Japan - Soca Song & Video of the Year

Romie - The Legend Party (Dir: Atsuko Tanaka, Cam: Takaki Nakadai, Kouichi Takagi and Atsuko Tanaka, Camera Assistant: Yuki Shinoda, Edit: Yui Aoki) Japan.
Carnival Flavor - Jump Up (Dir: Atsuko Tanaka) Japan.

27. Soca Chutney Artiste of the Year (Female)

Sally Sagram - Wine On Meh (T&T).
Artie Butkoon - When Ah Come To Play (T&T).
Drupatee - Indian Gal (T&T).
Sassy Ramoutar - Let Me Go (T&T).
Nisha B - Wine Up Your Body (T&T).

28. Soca Chutney Artiste of the Year (Male)

Rikki Jai (T&T). 
Raymond Ramnarine (T&T). 
Ravi B (T&T). 
Rick Ramoutar (T&T). 
KI (T&T).

29. Soca Chutney Producer of the Year

Pungalunks Factory Rikki Jai - Ent Yuh Know,Ravi B & Iwer George - Lawa, Omardath & Ravi B - Bacchanal (T&T). 
Rishi Mahatoo Maha Productions KI - Friends For The Night - Prophet Benjamin No Lokanin, Michelle Xavier - Indian Man (T&T).

30. Calypsonian of the Year

Kurt Allen - Black Stalin Say (T&T).
Red Plastic Bag ‘RPB’ - A Royal Visit (Barbados). 
Keithroy "De Bear" Morson (Antigua).
Findley ‘Scholar’ Jeffrey - No Boundary (Grenada).
Nintus - Ti Way (St Lucia).

31. Caribbean Dance/Pop/Rap/R&B Song of the Year

KiT - Jackhammer (Aruba).
King Bubba & Lil' Rick - We Want Drinkz (Barbados). 
Choeb - Beautiful ft Asher Thomas (Dominica).
D.Kullus Ft Chanti - Let You Know (St Maarten).
Machel Montano ft. Busta Rhymes, Olivia & Fatman Scoop - Make It Shake (T&T&USA).

32. USA Soca Artiste & Song of the Year

Lyrikal - 25/8 (NY).
Giselle D Wassi One - Pump (Miami).
Ragga - The First Time (NY).
Yankey Boy - Rumors (NY).
Rayzor - Sponser Meh (NY).

33. Soca Duo or Group of the Year

Madtguans - Slim vs Fluffy (Antigua).
3Canal - Max Up (T&T).
Luni Sparks & Electrify - Anything (Grenada). 
Zuki & Tim Tim - Doh Beat Up (T&T).
Muzik Lil Muzik - Chance (UK).

34. Best DJ Soca Mix CD of the Year

DJ CJay Presents - Caribbean Sessions Vol 2 (UK).
Precision Productions - Carnival TAO 13 (T&T).
DJ Spice's 2013 - Socalicious Mix vol 1 (T&T).
DJ Kaotic Int’l - Soca Pump !!! Soca Energy Drink !!! (T&T).
Musical Mix - Fantastic Soca Mix 2013 (NY).

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    Greetings Soca Fans All Over The World!

    The 11th Annual International Soca Awards will be the biggest thing since Kirani James, Grenada's 1st ever gold medalist in the Olympics.

    This event, presented by SAO ISA, will be hosted by Lyndon "Fatman" George, Grenada's #1 Comedian at the Spice Basket on August 6h, featuring the who is who in the Soca world, nominees and honorees, not forgetting the Miss International Soca Awards Pageant.

    Make the trip to Grenada and make it your "SOCA VACATION" for it will be the biggest event during Spice Mas Carnival 2013.
    Psstt! There will be a big surprise, but I can't tell you anymore! Stay tuned to or

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