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Sometimes the best treatment for an issue is acceptance, at least in the case of horning! In his least worrying tone, SW Storm advises musically,“Life too short to suffer, find yuh self a brand new lover” through his new release ‘Horn Dem Back.’

The Canada-based artiste is at it again, releasing a track that is certain to become an anthem for those suffering from horn-ache. A comforting and emancipating track, coupled with brilliant vocals and indo rhythms will reassure all those who have been on the receiving end of horning that all will be well. Produced by Shawn “Ma$tamind” Noel and written by the Storm, the tongue in cheek single, ‘Horn Dem Back’ according to the writer is “a twist on the horn songs released in the chutney soca arena and covers an issue that many of our men and women face.”

** Horn – the act of cheating

** Horn-ache – distress, grief as a result of being cheated on

**Tongue in cheek – subtle sarcasm, gently poking, fun, ironic

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